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Hygienists – vital to your dental health

Dental hygienists are trained in working with a dentist to help care for your teeth and gums. Their main job is to help with the prevention and the treatment of gum disease.

When you visit our practice, you will be monitored by our experienced hygienists. They may use a precision instrument to measure and chart the depth of any “pocket” around your teeth. They can also carry out a treatment plan which takes into account your requirements.

This can include scaling and polishing as well as root planning and deep scaling under local anesthetic if necessary.

Anna Xanthos

Anna qualified as a dental hygienist in 2001, passing her diploma at the Eastmans Dental Hospital in London. She has been working in private practices throughout Surrey.

Wendy Cooke

Wendy qualified in 1987 from Kings College London and has been working in private practices in Surrey and London since then.

Our hygienists will also help you with a maintenance programme to keep your mouth as healthy and clean as possible. It may be recommended that you attend the hygienist more frequently until your problem is brought under control.

Great Value Prices

Due to recent changes in guidelines from the GDC, you can now see our hygienists without seeing a dentist here or being registered with us.

Our Hygienist fees are £51 for 30 min session and £95 for an hours session.

Visiting the hygienist regularly is vital to maintain good oral health.

For children, the hygienist can help by cleaning, polishing, giving oral hygiene instructions and advice.

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Fissure Sealants

Our hygienists carry out application of fissure sealants, a plastic coating to help prevent decay (also know as “caries”).

If you are interested in our dental hygienists’ services, call us on
01932 225 748


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